NFL Week 10: Trends Worth Tracking

Trend: Since 2012 - Double Digit Home Dogs - UNDER Result: 29-5, +21.39u ROI/BET (@ 2.5% stake): 1.57% Profit/$100 Wager: +$63 Active Game: Baltimore -10 @ Cincinnati (TOT: 44) Trend: 2019 Cincinnati - Under Result: 5-2-1, +2.55u ROI/BET (@ 2.5% stake): 0.8% Profit/$100 Wager: +$32 Active Games: Baltimore @ Cincinnati (TOT: 44) Trend: 2019 LA... Continue Reading →

ATP Challenger plays 11-3/4

Now that ATP paris is over its time to delve deep into the challenger events. I ran three of the four events and found quite a few profitable plays (everything 1u unless specified) ATP CHALLENGER KOBE *Mousley -105 (2u) BENLINE: -210 *Saito +320 (1u) BENLINE: +145 *Klein +165 (1u) BENLINE: +110 *Kadhe +240 (1u) BENLINE:... Continue Reading →

ATP FRANCE FINALS- Djokovic v Shapovalov

in the quarters i made the mistake of fading the serb. my system said pass but i convinced myself his illness accounted for not one but three plays. bad form, follow the system. now we have a fascinating finals- the upstart Shapovolov v the constant Djokovic. the posted line of Novak -820, shapo +620 is... Continue Reading →

ATP France

Joshua King aka @baronvonmunch Down to the quarters in france and every match has some interest to me, I ended up betting 3 of 4 matches in various ways. MATCH 1 GARIN V DIMITROV betonline odds: +315 Garin, -375 Dimitrov BENINYA line: +180 Garin, -180 Dimitrov Notes Yes this seems a lot and I find... Continue Reading →

The Beninya Line

The beninya line is a system I came up with earlier this year to great success. it's actually a combination of three systems weighted but whatever. Using it and using a sprinkle of human intuition, travel schedules, etc allow me to create my own line upon which to base my bets. Each day I will... Continue Reading →

SparkSports – NHL: iPR Power Ratings (10.28.19)

League Trends: UNDERDOGS (REGULATION) vs ROAD FAVS (-143 or higher): 3-5, +1.43u ROAD FAVS (REGULATION) -143 or higher: 5-3, +1.3u FAVORITES (REGULATION) -143 or higher: 27-17, +5.85u HOME FAVORITES (REGULATION) -143 or higher: 22-14, +4.5u FAVORITES -1.5: 71-105, +17.44u 3P UNDER: 73-103, +5.4u HOME TEAMS ML: 100-76, +1.32u TOP TEAM TRENDS FOR OCT 28th/19 Arizona... Continue Reading →

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