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The vision statement of Spark Sports is to create a community of sports bettors: who share, learn, teach and interact with each other – for the purpose of bettering the online sports wagering community. This community is a safe space, and we will not tolerate exclusivity – meaning we do not sell picks, and we do not profit – out of the pocket – of our viewers and followers. We also will not tolerate hatred or any perceived hostility towards the contributors of this website, it’s viewers, listeners and followers.

Constructive criticism, debate and friendly competition within the group is not only allowed but encouraged – we will also strive to better ourselves as handicappers, writers, pundits and content producers.

We also have a commitment in supporting our communities, not only our local communities, but our social communities as well. We intend to give back to our viewers, listeners, followers and fans – as well as supporting causes that are important to our members. Giving support and donating our efforts – is as important to the Spark Sports community as it is to win and profit from our wagers.

Zero Tolerance

We DO NOT respond to HATE with more expressions of hate. Instead, we simply will not associate with the people who convey or have conveyed this negative and hurtful mindset. Perhaps, if we see a genuine effort to change, then our overall decision – not to associate with that individual – will change as the change in those is observed. Otherwise, we do not and will not associate with those who convey a hateful mindset. It is not tolerated.

We hope that you join us in achieving our goal.

J. Alex MacMillan 


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