Dynamite Dave (12/15) CBB 1H Discrepancies

Please help support Spark Sports by signing up with one of our many sponsors. Click one of the affiliate banners below and sign up now! Promo Code: SparkSports100 Promo Code: SPARKSPORTS Follow us on twitter @SparkSportsBets NCAAB first half road vs home margin discrepancies for today's slate. The number next to the home team is... Continue Reading →

KofJ: San Francisco Dons Season Preview

Maxwell Smart aka KOFJ @MaxwellSmart420 The Dons are coming off a season where they played 39 games. The limit is 40 games per season including tournament games. The Dons had a very successful season and have began the assent back to a possible top 3 in the West Coast Conference. The Dons are led by... Continue Reading →

KofJ: Charlotte 49ers Season Preview

Maxwell Smart aka KOFJ @MaxwellSmart420 The Charlotte 49ers were one the of the most unsound defensive teams in college basketball. This led to the firing of Mark Price after three years and the hiring of Ron Sanchez a disciple of the Tony Bennett program of Virginia and Washington State. The 49ers had some atrocious defense... Continue Reading →

Miami Heat Southeastern Champs

Miami Heat Southeastern Champs +170 (Bovada) Miami Heat are in a precarious situation. Hovering on mediocrity and the cap ceiling. Pat Riley has longed to put himself in position to rid himself of these horrid contracts he dished out. Along comes Jimmy Butler with the light for Riley. Right now the Heat have value on... Continue Reading →

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