Long shot payouts and hot streaks: Sunday betting tips for AHL

It’s no secret, the majority of sports bettors do not take the time or even loan a single minute to the thought of betting minor hockey leagues. The european leagues get some action from the die hards during the early months of the season, and during the playoffs - which come a bit earlier than... Continue Reading →


SparkSports’ +EV NHL Trends. (2.6.19)

Help support Spark Sports by signing up with one of our many sponsors. Click one of the affiliate banners below and sign up now! Promo Code: SparkSports100 Promo Code: SPARKSPORTS Follow us on twitter @SparkSportsBets NHL +EV Trends 2.6.19 TOP 8 Overtime Teams 1. Detroit (16-37, +15.58u) 2. Buffalo (16-36, +14.92u) 3. Chicago (16-38, +12.98u)... Continue Reading →

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